Sunday, 5 December 2010

Shocking - disappears

This evening, I tried to buy a Christmas present for my wife that she had selected from Amazon's UK site. Imagine my surprise when I got a domain-parking page advertising naughty dating services!

Has Amazon allowed its domain registration to run out? It appears not - I checked the WHOIS entry. More probably, someone has hacked the DNS entry in "revenge" for last week's eviction of the WikiLeaks service from Amazon's cloud. Grow up, people!

In fact as I was trying to upload the above image, also started to display the same kind of holding page. I had to hurriedly change to a different DNS. Who knows how long that one will last - we may be under some kind of sustained Internet hacking attack.

Trying to send an alert to anyone at Amazon by e-mail is, apparently, impossible. Nowhere on the site is there a "contact us" link. The Amazon staff is better protected against any communication from their customers than EasyJet (see posts passim).