Monday, 5 January 2009

XPath made simple

I know I'm a bit behind the curve on this one, but I've only just stumbled across a really useful tool:

XPather can
  • generate XPaths while browsing or inspecting HTML/XML/*ML documents
  • evaluate your XPaths and inspect the results
  • extract the content of *ML documents
The latest version 1.4.1 was released on June 18 2008 (Firefox 3.0 compatible).

XPather is a simple Firefox extension that integrates both with the browser and its DOMInspector. It is designed to be lightweight and cross-platform. It is valuable mainly as a web/XML-app development and debugging tool. In combination with the DOMInspector, which I can also highly recommend, it is particularly useful for developing WebTest scripts: right-click in any element of a page that you want your script to compare or set, and the option "Show in XPather" pops up a new window with the precise XPath to select that element.

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tee said...

when using eclipse there is another very useful plugin called 'xpath-developer' by Bastian Bergerhoff