Thursday, 26 February 2009

My Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts

That was the title of a session I proposed for today's first-ever Software Craftsmanship Conference, at the BBC's attractive Media Centre in London's White City. To my surprise, the session was accepted. It worked quite well despite attracting only about half a dozen participants. I certainly learned a good deal from it!

The output of the session has been posted on the conference Wiki. However, you'll have to be logged in to see it, as the wiki is private to conference participants. I don't know if Jason Gorman plans to change this now the conference is over.

The top tips (as a result of a quick spot vote at the end) were:

The three-step refactoring tango: Jason's recipe for method extraction where one or more parameters are themselves method calls. In Eclipse, it goes ALT-SHIFT-L (extract local variable), ALT-SHIFT-M (extract method), then ALT-SHIFT-I (inline local variable as method parameter).

Expand/shrink current selection: In Eclipse, ALT-SHIFT-up/down arrow or in IDEA, CTRL-w/W. With the cursor on a given word, the word is selected. Repeated applications of the same keyboard combo selects progressively larger portions of the source file (up to and including the entire file). Using the opposite key combination reduces the size of the selection all the way back to 0.

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