Thursday, 9 April 2009

SPA2009 - first impressions

Maybe I'm biased, of course, but for me the SPA2009 conference felt even better than last year's. I think it had the right mix of technical and non-technical sessions, mostly of very high quality, and a few really interesting BOF (birds of a feather) sessions - which for once, didn't feel as if they were just squeezed in at the last minute.

Functional programming (in particular, Haskell) was a major theme this year, as was testing. My eyes were opened to the possibility of doing test-driven development (TDD) in Haskell - in fact, functional languages are better at this than imperative (stateful) languages. It was also good to meet up with a lot of familiar faces at the joint XtC meeting on the Tuesday night.

My session notes are on my other laptop. I will try to post them on the SPA SG site over the Easter weekend, other duties permitting.

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