Friday, 23 July 2010

Turn any program into a Windows service

Today, Oisin Mulvihill introduced me to his company's open source product, Service Station. It's very simple, very effective and stunningly useful. I am really surprised that it isn't much better known. With one short shell command, you can install any script or application (headless, command-line or GUI) as a Windows service that can be started, stopped and managed through the Services control panel. As a bonus, Service Station restarts programs that have crashed, cleans up all spawned processes when stopping a service, and provides comprehensive logging via the Windows Event Viewer - it really could not be simpler for the system administrator. It is suitable for every version of Windows from 2000 onwards.

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DannyStaple said...

I'd have saved myself a load of trouble if I'd discovered this post about a month ago. I think it might still simplify our installation somewhat.