Sunday, 2 March 2008

A British company providing first-class products

I've been very happy with my DNUK Linux server, which I purchased in September 2001 to provide filing services, web hosting etc. to the whole family. It has been doing duty in the cupboard under the stairs day in, day out without complaint. With the exception of some disk errors that cropped up soon after I bought the machine, and which DNUK sorted out for me very satisfactorily very quickly under the warranty, yesterday was the first time ever it went wrong.

The power supply failed, basically. I managed to find a repair man locally who was able to fit a replacement in about 30 minutes. The old one had some kind of loose bits rattling around in it - probably glass from a blown fuse. Now that a new PSU has been fitted, it's back to work as usual. I fully expect to get another four years or more of use out of it.

The repair man was very complimentary about the build quality of the machine and the tank-like solidity of the chassis. I too was impressed, but then I am not really a judge of these things. All I remember was the pleasure of dealing with a company that was small enough to treat its customers like real people, yet had all the snazzy web-based product selection and customisation capabilities you would expect of a major supplier. And it was excellent value for money, too.

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