Tuesday, 14 October 2008

New Test-Driven Development training course

I have just completed work on a training course in test-driven development, intended for delivery over two days or self-study, which uses the development of a dating service as a worked example. Along the way, students will learn to use data access objects (DAO), Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) using Hibernate, Spring, jMock and Canoo WebTest. These tools will, I hope, provide them with good insights into the way that test-driven approaches alter the way in which software architectures grow, leading to more robust yet flexible designs.

My thanks to Adam Shimali, who developed the material initially. He and I aim to present a five-hour "taster" of this course on the Sunday afternoon at SPA2009.


Jonas Bandi said...

do you consider DAOs as a technique that is enabling TDD?

There are people who claim that the DAO-Pattern is dead:
Tidbits from Adam Bien

I have also been thinking if DAOs are really of any value any more when using Hibernate/JPA. One of the benefits is certainly to provide a hook for mocking.

What do you think?

Immo Hüneke said...

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for that input. I'm not sure why Adam chose to use the DAO in the model solution, but it certainly makes it easy to mock up the database access in the early stages.

Another very important point is that Hibernate is probably not the ideal Spring persistence solution for many people. It can't support stored procedures, which are mandatory for many of our clients! These clients find that their needs are satisfied by the Spring JDBC support.

Best regards,