Friday, 31 October 2008

SOA adoption reported to be accelerating

I was interested to read this interview with Jason English, the VP of Corporate Marketing for iTKO. It shows that Service Oriented Architecture is coming of age when vendors are offering viable testing and virtualisation solutions.

It also previews the virtual conference SOA in Action, coming on November 19th, 2008, for which it looks as if it is free to sign up. "SOA in Action will feature keynotes by Gartner's Yefim Natis and Forrester's Randy Heffner, as well as a panel discussion led by ebizQ's Joe McKendrick and featuring Phil Wainewright of ZDNet and Dr. Chris Harding of The Open Group."

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Jason English said...

Thanks for the post Immo. We are seeing SOA testing come of age - 4 years ago, many testers were strictly focused at the UI layer. Now the enterprise-level software tester is heavily concerned with testing at every layer, as the majority of the business logic is living in machine-to-machine service interactions between disparate systems. Hope you'll join us at the SOA in Action conference - bring your questions!